What's happening at woodlander

Some of the current and recent custom knife sheath and hand made leather projects here at the Woodlander workshop.  If you are looking for a custom leather sheath for your own knife send me the details via the Contact Us page.  If I don't own a pattern version already then I usually require your knife to ensure I get an exact fit. I then return the knife together with your completed sheath.  Current lead time is about two weeks in the workshop.
Custom Scout sheath for Gil Hibben Alaskan Hunting knife
Custom Tomahawk sheath
Custom Viking scabbards
Custom Scout sheath for ESEE 5 with AH1 holder

Scout sheath in Paleo for ESEE 5 knife with added pouch to hold the ESSEE Arrow Head 1

Custom Raven Molle sheath for Becker BK2 knife

Created for a customer's BK2, this Raven Molle sheath has an integrated DC3 pouch designed to tilt forward for easy extraction of the sharpening stone.  The dark brown finish has been accented with black to complement the knife colour.

Custom Raven Molle sheath for TOPS Tahoma Field Knife

This Raven sheath was made for a customer's TOPS TFK.  The unique properties of the Raven design allow the knife to be inserted either way round so this Molle version can be worn vertically either left or right and horizontally too.

Custom Raven Molle sheath for Fallkniven NL3 Njord

Another Raven Molle this time for a Fallkniven NL3 knife.  This simple version again can be carried either right hand scout or vertically either right or left hand.

Custom Raptor 3 for RAT 7 knife

Created for a customer in Canada, this Raptor 3 was configured primarily for vertical carry, reorienting the pouch and firesteel to suit.  Molle straps were also added to allow the sheath to be fixed to a backpack or worn horizontally.

Custom Scabbard for 4th century Celtic sword

This scabbard was recently created for a customer's superb replica of a 4th century Celtic sword.  The design was kept fairly simple with no tooled embellishments - in keeping with the period.  A matching belt was also made using a hand-forged buckle.  The leather was dyed and given an aged appearance before finally adding  a coat of neatsfoot oil.

Custom dagger sheath for Ontario Knife Company Marine Raider

This dagger sheath was recently made for an OKC Marine Raider knife.  As the knife is a modern take on the traditional Bowie design, the sheath needed to reflect this.

The sheath's traditional Bowie shape and friction fit were further enhanced with a tan colour dye and tooled border,  giving a slight 'western' feel.  A black accent was added to the edges to complement the modern knife handle colour.  Finally a combination of beeswax and leather oil was used to proof the leather.


Custom Jimmy Lile sheaths for 'First Blood' knife

These sheaths were created for a Jimmy Lile 'First Blood' knife.  A replica knife was used to make the initial pattern as the original knife was too valuable to risk posting.  The design follows Lile's original shape using supplied dimensions, however these sheaths have been dyed in a darker tone with black accent as per the customer's instruction.  I chose a natural shade for stitching and finished them off with a traditional combination of leather oil and beeswax.  

On receipt, the customer kindly sent me his picture of the sheath together with the original Lile knife.

Raptor 3 for Casstrom Lars Falt bushcraft knife

Lars Falt knife sheath

A customer ordered this new Raptor 3 sheath in dark brown for his Lars Falt bushcraft knife after his original Casstrom sheath was damaged.  The sheath has a matching firesteel, added belt loop for vertical carry and the usual pouch for tinder or a DC3 stone.

Lars Falt with knife
Bushcraft belt kit
Bushcraft Belt Kit

These items were created for a customer's bushcraft belt kit and include Bushbelt, Scout sheath with VC rig for TOPS BOB knife, Prospector pouch, Gransfors Small Forest axe sheath and axe dropper, all finished in dark tan.

Custom pouch sheath for Puukko knife

This unusual Russian puukko knife with damascus steel blade was treated to a new sheath and leather lanyard.  The customer particularly requested a Russian style pouch sheath and opted for a small, braided strap attachment to secure the lanyard as a safety feature.

Tooling was applied to replicate the pattern in the knife handle and Nordic rune symbols were also added.  Finally a two tone colour scheme was used to create an aged effect.

Raptor 3 sheath for TBS Boar

This Raptor 3 sheath for a curly birch TBS Boarwas modified to include a larger pouch for a DC4 sharpening stone and was also fitted with a removable VC rig for vertical belt carry.

Bespoke sheath for Spartan-Casstrom knife

This sheath was created for Spartan Precision Components for their latest hunting knife.  It features a utility pouch with a small storage tin together with a ferro rod.  The knife itself is made in Sweden by Casstrom.

Bushcrafter sheath for TBS Boar

Decided to create some new pouch sheaths to be worn around the neck on a lanyard.  The new Bushcrafter sheath has a repositioned  firesteel holder to the front and custom tooling for a unique look.  It also retains the bowed belt loop for conventional belt carry.

Dagger sheath for Strider Dive Tool

This custom dagger sheath was created for a Strider Dive Tool.  The customer specified a tan finish and requested the design to be either horizontal or vertical carry.

Custom sheath for Ka Bar Becker BK2

This sheath was recently created for a customer's Ka Bar knife and the design had to include a pouch for DC4 stone and a firesteel holder.

 I opted for a similar style to my Forester sheath but dispensed with the Molle belt loops in favour of a Tek Lok clip.  The sheath also has the option to be carried vertically by means of a removable dangler loop and the pouch can be accessed from either end for convenience.

I used a dark brown finish accented with black to match the knife handle.


Custom sheath for Buck Vanguard

This folded dagger sheath was created for a customer's Buck Vanguard knife.  The customer specified a basket weave pattern to give it an 'old west' feel.  A dark brown finish was used accented with a dark chocolate colour to complement the wood grain handle.

Custom dagger sheath for ESEE 5 knife

ESEE 5 sheath

This dagger sheath in Paleo was created for a customer's ESEE 5.  A simple dagger sheath was specified but with custom tooling to suggest a reptile scale pattern.  The retaining strap was designed to rotate away from the cutting edge during use.

ESEE 5 sheath
Fallkniven sheath

Custom sheath for Fallkniven F1 knife

This customer required a bespoke sheath for his customised Fallkniven F1 knife.  The knife itself has contoured oak handles which are much more ergonomic than the standard ones.

This bespoke sheath was loosely based on my Raptor design but modified to permanent vertical carry and a larger custom pouch was added.

Kydex Leather sheath

Pioneer sheath for ESEE RB3 Camp Lore

Pioneer sheath designed for the ESEE RB3 knife and featuring the secure firesteel holder is currently being tested with versions for the ESEE 5, 6 and TOPS BOB due soon too.

TOPS Scandi Trekker

Pioneer sheath for TOPS Scandi Trekker

The Pioneer sheath was a good choice for this TOPS Scandi Trekker knife due the the very slender handle.  The Pioneer's Kydex liner can be moulded to obtain a strong secure grip without the need for a retaining strap.

Becker BK7

Boreal EDC for Becker BK7

This Becker BK7 was treated to a custom Boreal EDC sheath.  The pouch contains the usual storage tin and the dark brown leather was accented with black to complement the knife handle colour.

Viking broken back seax sheath

This sheath was created for a customer's replica broken back seax knife, exquisitely made with bronze bolsters and deer antler handle.

  The sheath was kept fairly plain with a simple cross-hatch pattern to mirror the design on the bolster and braided belt loops were used to suspend the sheath.  A sinew coloured thread was chosen and roughly hand stitched to give it a tenth-century handmade feel.

Replica Viking sword scabbard

This scabbard was created for a customer's replica 8th century Viking long sword which he forged himself.  The wooden core was sheathed with a lightweight leather and dyed to give the piece an aged appearance and the heavyweight belting was added using a traditional laced construction.  

Habilis Pathfinder knife
Scout sheath for Habilis Pathfinder

This Habilis Pathfinder Trade Knife arrived with a fairly basic pouch sheath that was a little loose fitting.  This rustic working knife deserved something better so it has been treated to a new Scout sheath in dark brown.

Custom Raptor sheath for Fallkniven NL4 Frej

This custom Raptor sheath was created for a customer's Fallkniven NL4 knife and is based on my F1 Raptor Original sheath but with the addition of an optional vertical carry rig. This VC rig is intended for those who prefer to carry their sheath in a conventional vertical manner rather than horizontally.

Fallkniven NL4 Frej
Viking dagger
Neck sheath for Viking dagger

This neck sheath was recently created for a customer's Viking dagger. It was constructed in a traditional way with no welt and a simple Celtic pattern was embossed to the front panel. Several tones of dye were layered to create the aged appearance and a simple leather thong serves as a neck tie.

Viking neck sheath
Scout sheath for Camillus Bushcrafter

The standard Scout sheath pattern was modified to accept this Camillus Bushcrafter knife.  Finished in dark brown.

Camillus sheath
Boreal Bushmaster sheath for ESEE 6

This customer requested a Bushmaster sheath for his ESEE 6 but specified a vertical carry.  The Bushmaster is a large sheath so I created a heavyweight vertical carry rig which can be removed if required.

Pouch sheath for Karesuando folding knife

This sheath was created by moulding the leather around the contours of the knife to obtain a good fit.  It has been finished in paleo to complement the curly birch handle scales.

Dagger sheath for ESEE 5

This Dagger sheath for an ESEE 5 was given a subtle two-tone effect by first dying in dark tan then applying an accent colour of dark brown.  

Boreal sheath for ESEE 6 knife

This new Boreal sheath for ESEE 6 has been added to my standard range and an ESEE 5 version will follow.  A DC3 stone pouch has been added and the firesteel holder has been relocated to allow the belt loops to be set wider as on my regular scout sheath.  This gives better balance for long blade knives such as this and is Molle compatible.

Custom dagger sheaths for Swamp Rat Ratmandu knife

This customer requested two similar sheaths for his Ratmandu knife, one in dark tan, the other in paleo.  The brief was to keep the sheaths simple with no pouch or firesteel loop and with a snap fastener to secure the knife.  Maybe sometimes less-is-more.

Swamp Rat knife sheath
Ratmandu knife sheath
Buck Vanguard knife
Custom Boreal sheath for Buck Vanguard knife

I made a slight modification to my basic Boreal sheath pattern for this Buck Vanguard knife.  The sheath is the usual spec with firesteel loop and DC3 sharpening stone pouch.  The knife has a 4.25 inch stainless steel hollow ground blade with Buck's Heritage Walnut Dymondwood handle.

Pouch sheath for TBS Boar knife with accessories

This customer requested several items to take on a trip to Lapland including this pouch sheath with dangler for his TBS Boar knife.  All the items were given a veryrustic paleo finish.

Pictured: Pouch sheath, Bush belt, Prospector pouch and Laplander saw case.

Custom sheath for Viking Seax knife

Every so often I get an unusual custom request like this sheath for a customer's Viking Seax knife. I really wanted to recreate a traditional Viking style sheath and as I did not have access to the knife itself, I first had to create a mock-up from perspex and wood using the supplied dimensions. From here I could wet form a single piece of leather, bending it to the angle of the blade and clamping it up to dry. I added some subtle tooling to give the sheath an early medieval feel and finished with oil and beeswax, finally adding a simple braided leather lanyard to complete the piece.

Custom pouch for small folding knife

This custom pouch was made for a small folding knife which a customer picked up on his travels.  The knife itself has a locking blade of damascus steel and bone scales with red liners.  The pouch was to house the knife and a small DC3 sharpening stone.  A moulded pouch was created to fit the contours of the knife and an internal pocket held the stone.

Custom Boreal sheath for ESEE 4 knife

This was an interesting project. A custom Boreal sheath for an ESEE 4 knife. The customer requested my Paleo finish which involves giving the natural leather an aged and weathered look. In addition, it was to have the customer's initials, a removable belt loop for vertical carry and an attachment point for a leg tie.

As this is destined to go to Africa the customer made a last minute request for an 'Africa continent' logo on the pouch. I really liked this idea and was only too willing to oblige, although I may have been a bit generous with the proportions of Madagascar!