Helle knife sheaths

Trapper sheath for Helle Harding

The Trapper is a simple horizontal carry, friction fit sheath available either with or without a firesteel holder.
It is designed to be ambidextrous so the same sheath can be carried right or left handed in either back carry or cross draw position.
The angled belt loop holds the knife slightly point down for added security and can also be worn vertically with the optional removable VC belt loop (see below).

With Firesteel loop


No Firesteel loop


Removable VC belt loop for Trapper sheath

Convert your Trapper sheath to conventional vertical carry with the optional removable belt loop which simply snaps on or off as required.  Suitable for right or left hand use and belt widths up to 2 inches (50mm).


Pouch sheath for Helle Harding knife

Latest robust version of the original Woodlander pouch sheath.

Double-stitched and with a thick welt, this has been redesigned with a bowed belt loop to allow the sheath to be tilted forward when sitting. 

Weight: 93g Dimensions: 230 x 60 x 40 mm