Welcome to the Woodlands.  Here at Woodlander Leather I design and create durable and functional leather products for outdoorsmen, bushcrafters and survivalists.  I use only high quality leather and hardware to hand craft products that will survive the rigours of the wilderness.
Hand made leather sheaths
Molle sheath

Woodlander leather products are designed for the outdoors.  They are totally handcrafted in my workshop using traditional techniques.  Each item is cut, dyed, assembled and hand stitched on my workbench.  I do not mass produce items and each piece is slightly different from the next, so you can be assured of owning something that is both unique and durable.  With proper care it will give many years of service.

This site shows my standard range and I can custom make leather sheaths for many other knives.   Please contact me for details. I ship FOC to UK mainland addresses on items over £40.00 and I regularly ship to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia (please contact me for overseas shipping charges). Thanks for stopping by.